This is the main login page. This page will require the user to insert a valid 'username' and a secure 'password' over secure sockets layer protocol.

The Lobby

This section of the panel is basically the 'Entertainment Studio' for our users. We feature a YouTube playlist of early 1980's to late 2000's songs, just to keep them entertained. "Good music does not have an expiration date." — Unknown

User-oriented Settings

Here comes those sections which are purely dedicated to users settings. — Make changes to Authentication, IRC, ZNC Behaviour, Networks, Modules, Flags options overall.

In-build & Third-party Modules

Users will be able to enable whichever modules that they want to utilize and disable them at anytime. No silly restrictions.

Network Settings

Add the IRC Network that you want your bouncer to connect just by a few clicks. It should take you few seconds to it up and running!

Channel Settings

Add and remove channels configuration and enable the flags that needs to be switched-on.

So, why a re-designed Interface?

We found that the default ZNC Web Interface has a somewhat ole school look-and-feel to it. In this modern day and age with the inventions of "Smartphones", "Tablets" and "Responsive Web Designs", it would be a nice one to have something that one can use and view on smaller devices, taking into consideration that the default design is by all means not Responsive and non-mobile-friendly.

Thus, we took up a challenge and re-designed the ZNC Web Interface for our users! We utilized only the latest and greatest tools and framework to make this happen.

Here are some tools that we worked with:-

Version 1.0 featured a single default skin and had a basic styling on it, while Version 2.0 features 11 skins including the default TukTukFramework theme and 10 Flat UI colors which users can easily choose on the Settings section. All colors are based on Flat UI color swatches which can be found here:

The question that most people ask us. — "are you releasing the source code for the panel?" — Unfortunatly, we are not planning to release the codes to the general public. However, we have plans to develop some decent-looking and responsive panels for ZNC somewhere down the road; in which we will release to the general public.

As of February 1st 2014, we have started on building a theme for ZNC using Twitter Bootstrap Framework, which would replace the default theme. The theme is called 'zncstrap' and will be licensed under The MIT License (MIT).

Would also like to extend a big thanks to Jens-André Koch "Jakoch" for writting the ZNC Templating article on the Wiki page (helped us a lot).

Side note: We promise not to brag or rant about the Web Interface panel (Spark Panel) on the IRC channel. — Our lips are sealed.

Skins: Color Palettes

Default - #E74C3C
Razzmatazz - #DB0A5B
Cabaret - #D2527F
Radical Red - #F62459
Honey Flower - #674172
Curious Blue - #3498DB
Ming - #336E7B
Chambray - #3A539B
Pickled Bluewood - #34495E
Hoki - #67809F
Gossip - #87D37C
Eucalyptus - #26A65B
Lynch - #6C7A89
Fire Bush - #EB9532
Mountain Meadow - #1BBC9B
Crusta - #F2784B

Interface Porn

Version 2.0 - Old

Version 1.0 - Legacy