Backup Service

We utilize Copy™ — a cloud backup/storage service by Barracuda Networks, Inc. (NYSE: CUDA). They are a well-known company, award-winning IT solutions company and they are well rooted in both security and storage technologies.

Manual, all the way

Backups are not automatically done by a drone or automation script. We take backups seriously and do it manually and religiously. We do backups every end-of-the-month.

Linux CLI Agent

We utilize their Linux Command-line Interface (CLI) Agent to upload and sync the files over with one simple command.


Since Copy™ support Linux, Raspberry Pi, Windows OS, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, iOS & Android. We have the ability to access and sync the files from anywhere across multiple platforms and manually save the files if the CLI fails for some odd reason.

Video: Copy™ - Fair Storage For All