Free, Hosted Internet Relay Chat Bouncers

Bring Your Own IRC Client

Utilize your favorite, preferred IRC client to connect and chat

Snore away. You're Online

Keep your IRC session connected while inactive, offline or snoring away

Web-based Control Panel

Control like a boss! Web-based Control Panel access with minimalism in mind

Push Technology

Receive notifications through your portable devices via Push Technology

Location & Continents

Around 7 locations across 3 continents — North America, Europe & Asia

Geo-located DNS PoP

30+ GeoDNS point-of-presence across multiple continents w/ Failover support

Public "Cloud" Computing

SSD/SAN Storage w/ RAID, decent I/O, IOPS, latency, throughput, IPv6 etc

Network Speeds

100Mbps - 40Gbps uplink respectively — both in and out network traffic

Security Layers

Utilize Secure Sockets Layer + Simple Authentication and Security Layer

IRC Networks

Join the Freenode, OFTC, Mozilla & GIMPNet Community

IRC Bridge

Geeks are everywhere. Connect to & Slack