If you spot or find someone abusing the service, be a good soul and report it to an administrator — after investigation, if the abuse is legit a freebie awaits you. Freebies are based on "FR:RF" policy — First Report, Recieves Freebie.

IRC Network Officials Netadmin, Sysadmin, IRCops etc

If you spoted a user making a ruckus on your network (ban evading, spamming, scamming etc) or simply not complying to the IRC Network rules and regulations. Send an E-mail to us via the following address: admin [AT] firrre [DOT] com

Also include the following details:

Not forgetting important details about yourself:

Make sure you are submitting the E-mail through your official IRC organization E-mail address. — name[at] networkIRC [dot] ltd

Messages coming from free E-mail providers such as: Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, AOL Mail etc will not be entertained and dropped into a cesspool.