Welcome to Firrre (ProjectFirrre). We primarily provide free Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bouncers to Open Projects Network now known as Freenode IRC Network. On the other hand, we authorize connections to Free / Libre / Open Source driven IRC Networks, such as: The Open and Free Technology Community or better known as OFTC, Mozilla IRC, home to the Mozilla Project, where all the 'Mozillians' reside and GIMPnet, home to the GNU Image Manipulation Program and The GNOME Project.

We started this project for one reason and that is to provide Freenode IRC Network users something free-yet-productive; as Freenode is considered the 'discussion-hub' and a realtime collaboration for many quality open source projects, softwares and non-profitable Organizations. — It helps various developers, team members and community members to share, learn and troubleshoot together via the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol.

We strive to provide only the best quality for our users, taking into account that we do not make any profit from this project. All our servers are powered by Solid State Drive (SSD) disk drives and IPv6-ready; which produces better or higher I/O disk rates and speeds and huge chunks of IPv6. We are backed by a few solid Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service companies as our sponsors in support of Free Open Source Software. — As of September 2014, we partnered up with DigitalOcean™ LLC to provide more quality servers deployed across three regions.

So, you need an IRC bouncer to keep track of what has happened when you were away from IRC or gone to bed? — Then our service is for you! We utilize a rich and advanced IRC network bouncer software called ZNC — written in C++ Programming Language and released under an Apache License; also an IRCv3.1 Compliant Software. It supports modules written in Python, Perl & Tool Command Language. With various user and network modules installed and ready for use, you have the ability to do quite a number of things through the IRC bouncer itself.